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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ah-ha moment!

So why do I ride? What made me go from being a lemming behind the wheel to a ridoholic?

It's pretty simple...almost all of us have two feet (sorry Larry!).

As the story goes, I attended a going away dinner for The Lady(TM) and I noticed that 90% of the people in attendance had commuted by bike to work that day. This isn't too surprising given Portland's Platinum Status as a bike city, BUT these people all lived on the east side of town and we were in the Tron aka Beaverton That's at least a 15 mile ride, one-way. Suddenly, my "It's TOO far" excuse was no longer valid.

And that's when I had the A-HA! moment. IF they can do it, why can't I?

Doing a little math, I estimated I would only be extending my commute by 30 minutes total by riding in a bike vs sitting in traffic. Oh and by the way, I could save money, burn 700 calories an hour, and do a positive thing for the environment? Count me in sucka. 

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