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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Talk About Cycling to a Conservative

I recently came across a great read on entitled "How to Talk About Cycling to a Conservative" (thanks Rach!) that really made me wonder about bikes and politics.

I'm not trying to debate the pros/cons of one party vs another, BUT I really have to ask...

Are there really Conservatives that ride bikes?

It seems to go against everything they stand for.

Let's take a few examples that come to mind:
  • Bikers have to share the same road as cars.
    • Liberal viewpoint: Rightfully so, we are all equal and should support each other.
    • Conservative viewpoint: GRRRRR. Get the hell out of my way hippie! How the hell am I supposed to get my kids to church and then soccer practice on time with you going so slow?! At least I'm driving my new Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, it gets 21MPG. Hell yeah! America! Fuck Yeah!
  • 1% of funding goes to support cycling infrastructure.
    • Liberal viewpoint: This is going to be tough to support given our struggling economy. Still, we need to create jobs. How bout a new highway in...........Ohio!?.
    • Conservative viewpoint: Are you effing kidding me? Money for cycling? They should use the sidewalks.
  • Global Warming:
    • Liberal viewpoint: Cycling is a great alternative to walking.
    • Conservative viewpoint: Global Warning is really a "myth" like Godzilla, $1 beers, and McDonald's Monopoly. Al Gore made it up as he can't invent the Internet again.
  • It's UNAmerican to bike:
    • Liberal viewpoint: Everyone deserves the right to bike anywhere and everywhere regardless of the route or time of day or planet in which they live
    • Conservative viewpoint: "Hi, we are 'Merica, we believe in guns, oil, and wearing beautiful Red, White, and Blue outfits to any event not matter how formal. This ain't no Europe where people wear capris, bowling shoes, and ride bikes casually.
All kidding aside, to me it seems virtually impossible for a Conservative to stand by their party yet still ride a bike. It's the ultimate oxymoron. I hope someone can prove me wrong! Are you a conservative and rider? Let me know!

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  1. Dave- I'm a conservative and agree with almost all your conservative commentary ;) But I would totally bike to work if I had the athetic ability. (which I don't.) Does that help?